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the brand new resume builder dedicated to job seekers in USA and Canada. Redundancy, unemployement, undeclared work, precariousness... Theese words means "every day life" for thousand workers all over the world. That's why I "Frederick Wilkinson" decided to create "" to struggle against unemployement by rendering professionnal resumé's conception easyer, quicker and more adapted to a flexible labour market that changing all the time. Thanks to this website, job seekers can now quickly create a resume, personalize and modify it size, colour, alignment and police by modifying a single part of their choice (Titles, paragraphs, contact details etc ...). To make your resumé on line, go to the homepage: "" , fill the form and contemplate your resumé's page setting. Then you just can modify it with the menu on top. Then your resumé can be print directly and save in PDF (to send it by email or store it in your PC or USB key). "" is a tool that can also be used by temporary work compagnies or other employement agencies in catering, tertiary, IT... to save time when subscribing if some elements are missing in a candidate's resume and it has to be resume.
Bank, industry, tertiary, finance, IT, catering, Permanent Contract, Fixed Term Contract, Short Term Contract ... whatever your professionnal project or reconversion project, "" 's website will help you to create, improve your resumé to highlight your talents and skills in your branch or in the Job you're looking for. Believe in yourself before believing in anyone else. The labour market is full of opportunities for people who want to know themselves and to surpass themselves. In real life, a lot of people live very far from who they are, their needs, their dreams and their real skills and their professionnal life is so far from theim. Some people sometimes never find themselves or understand so lately that they were born for another life and another job. There is no fatality. If you found that website, it's probably because you're in a deep search concerning your futur career. Some projects sounds interresting to you and some questions keep comming to you. To make sure of it, you need more than people's expressions and time has come to stop pretending and start doing it... So today I'm please to help you making come true what could be "the main turn of your life". Thanks to all of those professionnal people who understood that only a collective blossom of our society could help personnal blossoms.

Frederick Wilkinson